is a cultural thread within Royal Homes which goes through all we do

royal-e standards include:

Wood Construction - a renewable resource

Sealing for the building envelope

Use of fluorescent rather than incandescent lighting

Total recycling during the in-plant process

Design engineering to economize material use and reduce waste

Low E, argon gas filled, thermal sealed windows

Insulation to R40 in the ceiling and R20 in the walls

Insulation composed primarily of recycled glass and paper

Full height R20 basement insulation

Sealed window and door openings

Carpet and tile selections with recycled components

Leaves_for_web.jpg Mirage Hardwood Floors


royal-e options include:

Energuide evaluation and rating

Energy Star design and rating

R2000 design and rating

High efficiency furnace and AC

Zone controlled heating

Insulated garage

R50 ceiling insulation

Formaldehyde free insulation

Leaves_for_web.jpg Cork Flooring

Bamboo floors

Bamboo wood cabinet doors

Enviro lumber products

Geo-thermal heating systems

Green roof applications

Mold resistent drywall

In-floor basement heating

Backup generator

Underfloor basement insulation

Superlow-flow shower heads

VOC free paint

Enviroshake shingles

Leaves_for_web.jpgRecycled decking material

Dual - flush toilets