Pricing on a New Royal Home or Cottage...

 1st You want to know what the total cost of the product will be.

This is what we do. Once we see your lot and help you design a floor plan we can give you an exact price on the New Home or Cottage and a contractors quote on the site work.

2nd You want to know what is included and what is standard in the home.

Check out our Standards of Excellence. This shows the breakdown of the home or cottage from the plumbing and electrical to the flooring and even all the cabinetry. Did you know that the basement is included in our pricing unless specified?

3rd You want to know if there are going to be any extra or hidden costs.

We can assess whether or not there will be any extra costs involved once we see your lot and design a floorplan for you.

4th You want to know what your responsibilities are.

5th You want to know how long it will take for your home to be completed.

The average project takes 90 days from final prints to having the home on you foundation!

As is the normal practice when buying any CUSTOM product you will want the product to suit your needs and wants. All it takes is one appointment at our office to rough draft your home or cottage on our Computer Assisted Drafting software and one appointment on your lot or on a possible lot to asses the services on site. This is free to you as a customer. Once this is completed we can give you an EXACT price on your New Royal Home or Cottage!!

Included on this website are many different floor plans. These plans represent some of the most popular home designs on the building market today!

The floor plans are all designed to meet the Royal Homes' Standards of Excellence. A copy of those high standards is also included for you to examine.

Why settle for anything less than the complete home Royal Homes Minden can offer!

Over 750 Royal Homes ordered through the Minden office are custom designs. We tailored the home to the customer's wishes, working with the client and our Computer Assisted Drafting programs, we created their dream home at no additional cost! Many started with an existing floor plan and altered it to suit their needs.

Once we have created your custom home, we can give you the exact price for that design!

At Royal Homes Minden we also provide FREE lot inspection. We can check the soil conditions for the basement and septic, and access for hydro..

Royal Homes Minden is Haliburton County's largest R-2000 Home Builder.  However we are not limited to building in Haliburton County, we can deliver anywhere in Ontario.

In Summary:

  • Your home comes completely finished with a full basement. The home has the highest "Value per square foot" ratio in the building industry today.

  • Your entire project from start to finish is managed by experienced and professional Royal Homes representatives and with an "excellent" rating by the Ontario Home Builders Association. Royal Homes has repeatedly won an Award of Excellence from Ontario New Home Warranty Program.

Your New Royal Home is just a few easy steps away. Contact us and find out how quickly you can be enjoying the value and quality of a New Royal Home or Cottage!