Business History

Our company, based in Minden, Ontario, has been designing and building modular  housing for over 32 years. We have installed over 850 homes and cottages throughout Ontario.

Royal Homes Minden believes the key to the success of modular housing is three-fold:

  • First, the product is complete: all carpets, electrical wiring, plumbing, foundation, flooring, bathrooms, and kitchens are finished when your new home is delivered.

  • Second, the work is done quickly. Your new home can be delivered and placed on the foundation in less than 90 days from when the order is completed. Excavation and construction of the basement are included in the price.  We can also help co-ordinate Hydro (from poll to house), septic and water services.

  • Third, our price for the home is firm and all-inclusive.  Royal Homes Minden believes that a house built in an indoor, heated, well lit factory is superior to one built on site.

Modular Housing is the future. As the world becomes more automated and inflation drives up the price of on-site labour, the efficiencies of modular housing will become increasingly obvious. The price per square foot is already lower than traditional construction methods because of the controlled production environment. Factory production ensures a high standard of quality control and greater value per square foot. It is easy to see why the quality of indoor workmanship far exceeds that of a construction site exposed to all the elements.

Your Royal Home will continue to save you money even after you have moved in. Built to most R2000 standards, your home will more energy efficient, making it easier to heat or cool 12 months of the year.

Custom build your house. Starting with our plans or yours, you can make create a home that meets your needs.... larger, or smaller....add a widow here, a doorway there.....move a wall...put in an extra bathroom, with a is your home, have it your way. With Royal Homes Minden you can choose from different exterior treatments including cedar, vinyl, or the colour you want.

Once you have designed your home, Royal Homes LTD can deliver it to most building sites in Ontario.

The entire process, including Lot Inspection, Home Design, and Home Pricing, is absolutely free.

  • At Royal Homes Minden we will inspect and evaluate your lot absolutely free.

  • Utilizing sophisticated computer programming and working with you, we will design a home that meets your needs and requirements absolutely free.

  • At no cost to you, Royal Homes Minden will prepare a firm, final price for the home that will not change (unless you would like to make plan modifications)  during the building process.

Drop in and see our display home at our office, three miles south of Minden at 11576 Highway 35. Browse through the other pages on our website for more information, complete the Contact form or give us a call at 705-286-6992 for a free brochure package.