What goes into a Royal Homes Foundation?

  1. A trained Royal Homes LTD site supervisor will visit the site once preliminary plans have been drawn up and:


    1. will be able to advise the client whether the house is suitable for the lot.

    2. will offer advice on the height of foundation to ensure proper drainage or to meet lot grading plans.

    3. will advise the customer on items related to the foundation i.e.:

      • Will a walkout patio door be suitable?

      • What is the best location for the house on the lot?

      • Inform customer of extra costs that may be incurred as a result of lot grading.

  2. Answer any questions regarding the preparation of the building site..

  3. will offer suggestions regarding driveway installation.


  4. Royal Homes LTD will arrange for and supervise an approved contractor to install the foundation to ensure that it meets the high quality Royal Homes standards.

  5. Royal Homes LTD will ensure the municipal Building Inspector is advised at appropriate phases during construction.


  6. Royal Homes LTD will supervise the excavation of the foundation to the following specifications:


    • 5.6" x 18" footings (minimum) are installed for a one storey home.

    • 6" x 20" footing (minimum) are installed for a two storey home.

    • 4" (minimum) drainage stone is placed under the basement floor.

    • 4" drainage tile is placed around perimeter and covered with 6" of crushed stone.

    • 7'9" perimeter walls are 8" poured concrete.


  7. A special brick ledge on top of the wall is installed to ensure moisture does not run into interior of foundation (when brick exterior).


  8. Tie rod holes on the outside are sealed.


  9. Foundation walls are damp-proofed.

  10. A special drainage layer is used on the exterior foundation wall to ensure there are no leaks.


  11. The basement may be rough back-filled with subsoil from basement excavation. 

Note: Your local building inspector will determine if the subsoil is suitable for this.  Arrangements can be made with the Regional Site Supervisor to have granular fill brought in for the perimeter of the foundation if the subsoil has large boulders or is of a very heavy clay soil.