The Applewood

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Two Storey

3 bedrooms
1401sq.ft - 130m2
37'4" (11.4m) x 58'0" (17.7m)

The Applewood is a classic bungalow - but when you open the door you'll be surprised by the amount of space this lovely home offers. Designed for a simple lifestyle, this home is a favourite with many homeowners. The large open concept living area provides a fantastic space for food preparation and just hanging out! The living room is set off from the kitchen and dining area just enough to make it an excellent spot to retreat. Three good sized bedrooms make this modest home a great choice for any homeowner. The surprising roofline and cosy veranda adds a touch of 'cottage' to your home, welcoming your family and your guests. Three delightful variations are the first step to fully customizing this home to your needs and your lot.

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